About Invent-Tech

Invent-Tech is the nation’s preeminent Inventor Assistance firm. We specialize in assisting independent inventors in overcoming the traditional headaches and hassles associated with bringing a new product to the attention of the industry. We provide world-class strategic invention marketing services followed by professional global representation in the sale or license of new product concepts. We assist in the comprehensive research and documentation of new inventions then utilize creative promotional tools and techniques to introduce these ideas to industry. We then handle all subsequent follow-up and negotiations with interested parties with the intent of securing a licensing agreement.

Our primary objective in working with an inventor is to develop industry awareness and build demand for their concept while preserving its confidentiality and financial value. Our focus is on generating inquiries and interest from manufacturers and marketing companies seeking to develop, produce and sell a mutually profitable product.

Invent-Tech’s talented Visual Design Team includes professional Graphic Illustrators, 3-D Animators, Computer Graphic Artists, and Web designers who possess a wealth of experience in each respective specialty. Their technical expertise is utilized throughout the conceptual design process of your invention in conjunction with cutting edge hand illustrated and computer generated imagery. Our designers can get your idea out of your head, faithfully representing its intended form, features and functionality.

Our New Project Directors will consult with you on a confidential basis to discuss your goals and what you hope to achieve with your new invention. They will answer your questions about Invent-Tech, go over with you all the details about your idea and our services, help you document your idea and get you started towards making your dream a reality. Read our Inventor Testimonial page to see what just a few of our many thousands of satisfied clients have to say about us.

If a company expresses serious interest in your idea, Invent-Tech will provide all negotiation on your behalf. Don’t go it alone. Securing a licensing agreement is a complicated process. We will be in your corner, assuring that you receive the best possible licensing terms for your new invention. Invent-Tech’s revolutionary licensing process is so unique and so effective, it’s Patent Pending!
Anyone attempting to develop a new product idea must accept the fact that it involves a high degree of risk. That’s why most people will never pursue their dream. The simple fact is that success is never guaranteed and there is no substitute for hard work. However, if you believe in your product and it solves a unique problem or fills an untapped niche in the market, the rewards - both personal and financial - can be tremendous.