February 2005 Articles

Inventor bugs ants with pet feeder

Invented by: Edward C. B. Jr..

Ants find their way into everything, including pet food. But a local inventor has found a way to keep them from bugging pets. Edward B. Jr.’s new pet feeder keeps ants away from dogs’ and cats’ daily meals. “I started working on things that might keep the ants from getting at the food,” Edward said. “I tried different things until I finally got it to where it was working.”

Patented ingenuity Inventor works to turn prototype into product

Invented by: Clyde C

It took four years for Clyde “Bud” C’s wife to convince him his invention was good enough that he should pursue a patent. It took no time at all for a Florida based company to realize the idea is one that could be very successful. Clyde, a retired machine maintenance worker, has always worked with his hands, and he has invented before, though, as he was working for the military at the time, he doesn’t get credit for inventing a dolly to cart around jet engines.

Couple prepare to market garden invention

Invented by: Larry D. H. & Cathy C. H.

After suffering a serious injury to his arm a year ago, Larry H. realized that some things he’d previously taken for granted now seemed much harder. Whereas he had never thought much of yanking out the cord to start a weed trimmer motor, now his surgically-repaired shoulder was giving him trouble.
Larry and his wife Cathy thought about how to fix the problem. Now they’re ready to spring their ideas on a much wider scale.

Local resident designs new invention

Invented by: Melissa S. M.

Melissa M., has invented a mug that will allow coffee lovers to mix sweetener and cream in their coffee without the use of stirrers or spoons. She came up with the idea from her love for coffee at work. She gets a cup every morning, but can never find a stirrer or spoon. Stirring is a minor delay in preparing a cup of coffee, and not be able to find anything to stir it with further complicates the situation.

A watched pot will stir itself Mac and cheese inspires hands-off cooking device

Invented by: Eric D. O.

Eric David O., was watching football a few months ago when he felt a pang of hunger strike.
He decided to cook some macaroni and cheese. “I kept having to go back and forth, trying to stir it” while trying not to miss any of the program, he said. “I don’t have TiVo,” he said.

Teacher invents machine to clean transparency

Invented by: Lisa R.

When Lisa R. moved up to teaching fourth grade at Cave City School, she was faced with a nearly universal teacher dilemma: unwittingly staining her fingers from cleaning overhead projector transparencies. “I’d always taught little kids,” Lisa said, explaining that she didn’t have to use the overhead projector.

Local couple develops easier way to fly a kite.

Invented by: Kenneth S. & Donna S.

A pastime that can be practiced at parks and beaches all over the world just got a little bit easier thanks to a local couple. Kenneth and Donna S., have an idea that can make kite flying as much fun as it is work. The couple has been credited with developing the Sure Flite Kite, an idea they began to conceive in March while at a family picnic.

She Invents Pillow to Chase Lonelies

Invented by: Cecelia H.

Inventor Cecelia H. didn’t settle for being lonely and missing her loved ones. She came up with something to help herself and them as well. Her solution? A Talking Pillow. Although distance makes the heart grow fonder according to the old saying, those folks who find themselves alone have to struggle through nights with their loved ones in mind, but not there. To help, Cecelia’s invention introduces a unique way to comfort those who miss that special someone and feel their presence no matter where they travel.

Local man hopes to saves lives with sound of a voice

Invented by: Stevie M. M.

Stevie M. has never forgotten the 1998 tragedy where five family members lost their lives to carbon monoxide poisoning at Naval Air Station Meridian. “It was a father and his four sons. To lose an entire family like that is tragic,” said Stevie, a father of two. “That has never left me.” As Stevie continued to hear about similar catastrophes – including a local man who died in a fire while asleep – he was prompted to take action.

New circuitry improves oil fueled furnaces

Invented by: Daniel G. K. & Ann W. K.

Daniel K. and his wife recently developed a product that will be beneficial to many individuals. Drawing on his experience as a heating and air conditioning service technician, Daniel conceived the Single Time Delay Circuit, and shared the idea with his wife. Together, they realized the massive need for such a product and decided to make it available on the market for common use.

Scratch It

Invented by: James C. & Deborah C.

James C. began developing and invented Scratch It in 2003. As avid lottery investors, they decided to create a device that would bring luck and convenience to all fortune seekers. As a tool to help reveal the outcomes of a scratch off ticket, the Scratch It has gained popularity across the nation.

Hoping for a clean sweep

Invented by: Agnes C. B. & Daniel F. B.

It’s called the Dust Pan Holder. That’s all you need to know. Feel free to speculate. Hmm, it must help dust pans… With the patent pending, inventor Agnes B. isn’t talking about her Dust Pan Helper. She won’t show it off and she won’t even describe what it looks like. With some marketing help from Florida-based company, Invent-Tech, Agnes is hoping a manufacturer will purchase her device and she can make a buck.

Got Dunkers? Local man's invention about to hit the market

Invented by: James Melvin B.

Nothing beats an ice cold glass of milk and a cookie. It is a classic combination, especially when the cookie is dunked into the milk.
With this in mind, James B., developed an ingenious new product called Dunkers.

Boat Loading Made Easier

Invented by: Jody B.

Jody B., a full-time college student, spent his whole summer around boats and noticed the hassle involved in mounting a boat onto a trailer. Consequently,

Chicken Peck invention by DOT employee

Invented by: Raymond B. C.

Department of Transportation employee, Raymond C., is the inventor of a product called the Chicken Peck. The invention, which works together with a riding lawnmower, offers stability when cutting grass on a hill or slope.

Local brothers make grilling a snap

Invented by: Lem R. S. & Calvin S.

If you are fed up with the conventional grill, especially following this year’s Super Bowl party, help is on the way. Two local brothers, with help from their brother-in-law and what they claim to be divine intervention, have invented a new, light-weight, portable grill they refer to as the Snap On Grill.