Lithia Springs Resident Develops Flavored Pacifier for Children

Darlene B. said when her 11-yar old son Cody was born in 1982 she decided she wanted to find a way to "pacify" him. So she began working on a flavored pacifier, an invention she is hoping manufacturers will ultimately license. The product's patent is pending approval. "I thought of everything, but my husband Milton put everything on paper," said Ms. B. A homemaker and the mother of Cody and a 16-year old daughter Sad'e, Ms. B said she was not trying to get rich when she invented the product. However, she did want to giver her infant son Cody something he could chew on. "I wanted to give Cody something to relax and help him as a baby," she said.

Although she conceived the idea for the product when her son was a month old, she did not immediately focus on developing the product because of a death in her family. Her uncle Terry, who had been helping with the product's design, passed away from a sudden seizure in the evening hours on January 4, 1999. Nearly two hears after her uncle's death, Ms. B began working on the product again. She received help from her husband Milton. However she says she wants to name the product in her uncle's honor. "I could never have gotten {the product} on paper without him." She said. The product is currently being made available for licensing to manufacturers. Ms. B said she hopes the pacifier will ultimately be developed in the baby products industry.