Inventive businessman pursuing patent

Local resident Paul J. has always been an inventor at heart. Over the years, he said he has compiled a notebook full of ideas for gadgets and tools with a variety of different uses. But it wasn't until Paul began a blueprint for an instrument that was useful in his full-time trade as a self-employed tile-installer and home remodeling specialist in his local areas that he decided to pursue an invention to the very end. "I've had ideas for different inventions over the years but this is the first time I put something together related to work," he said. "I'm a carpenter also and have a garage with machines and tools set up and I just happened to be looking around my machines and thinking about the problems I've had on jobs with precision cutting."

His consternation led him to develop an invention called the "wet saw," which makes it much easier to cut curves in tiles without the need to cut away the edges with a circular blade. Paul said he had not planned to pursue the distribution of the tool until he saw a commercial for Invent-Tech, a licensing company based in Coral Gables, Fla. He mailed his plans to the company and began working with one of Invent-Tech's new-project managers. The company then had one of its engineers draw up a blueprint to pass around to possible suitors in the tile and remodeling industry. "We are currently seeking a manufacturer to license the product," Invent-Tech spokesman Alex D. said. "Once we find a manufacturer, then the product gets patented. It's still in the conceptual state."

Paul said Invent-Tech is currently shopping his wet saw to various manufacturers, especially in the tool industry, throughout the country. When he is not running his business, Paul's Remodeling Co., Paul is usually working in the carpentry shop in his garage. Some of the pieces he has made in the shop include a bed, jewelry boxes, entertainment centers and cabinets. And, depending on what happens with the wet saw, he might have some more inventions up his sleeve as well. "If this works out, I have a couple other ideas that I've been playing with that I haven't pursued yet," he said. "I'll give (the wet saw) a chance to get off the ground. Once I find out if I'm successful with this, I will pursue more inventions."