Three Brothers Create a New Invention

A trio of brothers worked hard and used their creativity and strong family values to succeed in different projects they have set out to do. Jeremy, 30, Nikiel, 29, and Timothy H.., 22 from Englewood come from a family-oriented home where creativity was encouraged. They recently joined forces to develop a product called "Um Pack," which is a personal accessory that the trio claims will make people's lives a little easier. It will allow people to carry multiple items in one pack without limiting their movement, especially those with a "busy lifestyle." Since they are in the process of talking to manufacturers about this idea they could not discuss details about the product itself, but could explain how and why they came up with this invention.

According to Jeremy, it took them six months to develop the Um Pack by coming up with different ideas and thinking about how they "could make an impact on people's lives." He said each brother came up with a few different ideas and "bounced" them off one another and wound up with a "cool, hip, stylish personal accessory." "This product is for people from 6 to 60, with an active lifestyle," Jeremy said. "This was a very practical, simple idea and I think it could start a craze." Nikiel said as children the brothers would sit and develop different ideas, but "never made it happen."Jeremy said he came up with the idea for the Um Pack and told his brothers about it. After they discussed this idea and felt it was the one to go forward with, the brought the idea to their sisters and parents who all liked it, according to Jeremy. And from there they sent in their idea and are in the process of trying to get a company to manufacture it.

Timothy had actually found the number for an inventor's hotline a few days before that discussion. "I was channel surfing and this number came up on the screen and I just had a feeling that I needed to write it down," Timothy, a student at Lasell College, said. "We felt this idea had a lot of potential and we put our best forward." Their creativity and ingenuity does not end with this project. Jeremy is a songwriter and singer. Some of the songs that he has written or sung appeared on the radio and in movies and commercials. He is known for songs such as "So Beautiful", "One Night Stand" and "Wherever You Go," which was featured in the movie "The Best Man". Nikiel is a publisher and an author. He started his own publishing company in order to have his books printed when he did not have much luck with other publishers. His first book, "Concrete Eyes" he wrote while he was in college. He also wrote, "When All Else Fails We Cry" and has another book due out this year. Timothy is majoring in International Business and has plans to some day be an entrepreneur. He also draws and writes poetry.