Inventors Give Dogs a Breath of Fresh Air

A couple have invented a product that will give dogs the thrill of hanging their heads out the car window without all the danger. Mona B. and Gene J. have developed the Doggie Breeze, an easy to install apparatus which allows a dog to b left inside a parked vehicle without the worry of heat exhaustion. It also provides the dog with a chance for fresh air without it sticking its head out the window. The Doggie Breeze allows for a free flow of air and an unobstructed view to keep the pet entertained. Mrs. B and Mr. J got the idea for their invention when a couple of canines they knew got into some tough situations due to being in locked cars.

"About five years ago, somebody got into our van due to us having the window cracked to provide air for our dog (the dog was recovered unharmed)," Mr. J said. "Also, around the same time we had a friend whose dog became sick from dehydration." Mr. J and Mrs. B thought they might have been barking up the wrong tree in regards to the Doggie Breeze. "It's one of these things that you think: 'Oh, somebody has probably thought of this before,'" Mr. J said. "but about a year ago, we decided to go for it." The pair contacted Invention Technologies in Florida for assistance in receiving a patent and marketing the product. A spokesman from Invention Technologies said the Doggie Breeze is being made available for licensing to manufacturers in new product development. Mr. J said due to the patent pending for security reasons, a picture of the Doggie Breeze is not yet being published.