New Invention Helps Your Pet Beat the Heat

A former Belleville resident is on the verge of marketing his invention that will ensure pets are safe when they're left alone in vehicles for varying periods of time. Gene J. is now peddling his invention, Doggie Breeze, to various interested manufacturers in the automotive and pet products industry. "It should b commercially available within the next 12 months.I think it will be a big hit worldwide because where there's heat, dogs and cars, the product will come in useful," he told The Intelligencer in a telephone interview, Thursday. The 45-year-old Mr. J declined to discuss the actual design of his invention because of confidentiality and legal issues but said the product will cost around $100. "People shouldn't leave their pets in their vehicles, but everyone does for some period of time. Everyone can breathe easier with Doggie Breeze," he said. Mr. J was a radio operator with the army in Calgary for two years before leaving the forces to go to work for various oil companies. He eventually drifted into the construction industry and is now a roofer by trade. He and his wife Mona, who is also a roofer, have worked together on job sites for the past 14 years. They were married for years ago.

The couple co-invented Doggie Breeze because of their experience a decade earlier with their own dog Ursa, a Lab-coyote mix. "She used to travel everywhere with us in the van on business and pleasure," Mr. J said. "We tried to leave the window open a bit but it wasn't always sufficient. So we thought about coming up with a better solution and actually drew up a design in our heads for the product." The J's never acted on their design until eight months ago when a friend's dog suffered heat exhaustion from being left alone in a parked van at a work site. They finally put their design on paper and obtained a patent for their product. "This original idea is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the automotive and pet products industry," he said. "We hope to have it in full production and available to the general public within a year."

Mr. J said the unique design of Doggie Breeze offers easy-to-install and remove features while allowing a free flow of air and an unobstructed view. He said it will also be affordable, lightweight and appeal to a wide consumer market. "Additionally with this product, the dog's safety would be increased while riding in the vehicle, head and paws safely inside." Mr. J said their product can also be used by people who want a supply of fresh air while napping in their parked vehicles. "The bottom line is that I like dogs and I like people and I don't like to see either one suffering from the heat."