Local Inventor Presents Lawn Care Convenience

If it hadn't been for an injury Larry H. sustained to his neck and arm the ingenious idea to craft a lawn and garden product he created along with his wife Cathy could have very well been another's fame and fortune. After undergoing major sugery on his right shoulder, Holloway began experiencing difficulty as he strained to tug and pull at the string of a weed trimmer he used for work in his landscaping business. "Don't get me wrong," explained Mr. H, who is also the owner of a landscaping company, "I don't want to benefit from the wealth of this product." He explained during a recent telephone interview. "It is always good to give than to receive," explained Mr. H who admits it's in his character to place the needs of other's first as one of the Christian faith. The Gas Key Starter, he says, will reduce the physical strain one must exert to pull the string in order to start a weed trimmer by simply turning a key and pushing a starter button.

Designed for disabled individuals, housewives, and those who enjoy taking care of lawns, Mr. H said his invention is affordably priced according to market value. Due to the fact that the H. family is seeking a licensing agreement with a manufacturing company interested in new product development specific details about the Gas Key Starter could not be disclosed at press time. Mr. H is optimistic that dreams once envisioned about the Gas Key Starter could soon become reality, "It {Invention} can be manufactured." Mr. H stated. After looking at the equipment's hardware, I was told it can be done," he said. Having gained a level of celebrity status in his hometown, Mr. H snickers at the thought of his wife's recent visit to a local franchise store where lawn a garden employees bombarded her with questions about the couple's invention.

"They think the invention is a great idea," voiced Mr. H who further stated his is not able to go anywhere without being recognized. Although Invention Technologies, Inc. a Florida based company is handling the publicity and public relations aspect of promoting the concept of the Gas Key Starter Mr. H is thrilled to say that his product is also gaining exposure from trade shows.