Inventor Hopes to Set Hook into Patent

Dale B. is the first to tell you that his attention can drift as he's sitting on the bank, waiting for a big catfish to take the bait. And that's lost him his fair share of rods over the years. But the man has remedied that by inventing a product that he hopes will soon become a big seller in the sporting goods industry. Mr. B took his idea and prototype for the "DB Fishing Buddy," a unique rod holding solution, to Invention Technologies Inc., which is currently marketing the product to potential manufacturers. Mr. B hopes to have the DB Fishing Buddy in full production in the near future. "I love to fish, but I don't like to sit and hold a pole in my hand, and I don't like to sit and watch one in a holder," said Mr. B, who was forced into early retirement when the plant where he was employed closed. "If a boat goes by with a bunch of girls, then I want to watch the girls." If early tests are any indication, Mr. B can do as much girl-watching- or watching mother natures splendor- as he'd like during his frequent fishing outings. A trigger system he's developed automatically sets the hook when it senses a bite. At his nephew's private lake Mr. B ran a four-hour test and caught 19 fish in 20 strikes. He's also tested his invention on the river several times with nearly as much success.

"It's pretty accurate" Mr. B. said of the invention, which to date has been kept under wraps. "In fact, I'm real proud of it. My friends who have seen it- and there are darn few- they've all been hounding me to patent this thing and get it on the market." That's when his nephew gave him the phone number of Invention Technologies Inc., and the process began. While Mr. B will not show his invention or allow photographs of it until a licensing agreement and\or patent protection has been secured, he explained that the technology is relatively simple. "I've worked on it since 1994, trying to perfect it.' Said Mr. B. "I've used about every type of trigger you could imagine. The trigger is the whole secret to the unit. There's two moving parts on the whole thing. This thing's not got 20 different parts that break. It's got two parts that are super durable." Mr. B said he has both a boat mount and a bank mount for his invention, on which his son has already caught a 38-pounder. Mr. B himself has also caught a small channel cat that was only about two inches long. The inventor, who now works for a different company in the same building he worked in for many years before, said he hopes the fruit of his imagination will help him live more comfortably in his retirement years. "If they manufacture it, and I can draw my little royalty, I would be happy as heck," Mr. B said.