Decatur Man's Invention Puts Squeeze on Toothpaste

Husbands and wives who find themselves in frequent spats over the proper way to dispense toothpaste from a tube may find a solution to their dilemma in Decatur resident's new invention. Eugene H. says he takes dental care very seriously, which may explain his invention Tube Mate, a device that promises to be more effective than merely squeezing the tube. "It will make life easier when people get up in the morning," Mr. H said. "It will alleviate actually having to even look for the toothpaste because it would be in a stationary unit." Mr. H said the invention could be considered an appliance, but cannot give further details until the product is licensed. Mr. H has been trying to market the product through trade shows for the last seven months. While Mr. H said the Tube Mate will make life easier for everyone, he plans to market the product specifically to people with physical disabilities such as arthritis, who may find it difficult to squeeze a tube of toothpaste. Mr. H first conceived the idea after a frustrating moment during his morning routine.

"My wife squeezes from the center, and then I had to roll up the tube just to get the last bit of it," he said. The struggle of gleaning the last bit of toothpaste from the tube is not foreign to most consumers and Mr. H said his invention will ensure consumers get all of the toothpaste they pay for. "People always end up throwing away the last little bit of toothpaste. This product will make sure we get it all," he said. The original idea for the Tube Mate is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers through a partnership with Invention Technologies, Inc. of Coral Gables, Florida.