Woodworker 'saw' solution in invention

Eddie I. has been in the carpentry and construction business for many years now, and has spent enough time on job sites to find workarounds and new solutions to the various challenges and complications that arise. "I have always made tools and gadgets for my construction company," said Eddie. He is hoping that his latest idea can be developed into a product that can help others. The problem? Sawzall blades that frequently break and are then discarded long before the blade is dull. His solution? A tool designed to make it possible to reuse those broken or dull blades. Eddie said he has seen other people try a variety of ways to reuse those blades, with solutions ranging from tape to vice grips. Eddie said his solution is better, and puts a new end on the blade that can be reinserted in the Sawzall tool.. He has enlisted the assistance of a company that helps inventors, and has completed a patent search and is now preparing to approach manufacturers about his idea.