More Convenience With Saw Blades.

If you work in construction, the last thing that you want to deal with is a set back. It's frustrating and can take away valuable time from getting the job done. Eddie I. was working at a construction site and, after breaking several saw blades, knew there had to be a better way. That's why he created Re-use Sawzall Blades. This great new product enables users to repair and reuse saw blades if they are broken. Re-use Sawzall Blades save Consumers money and time. They provide convenience, and are easy to use, making them great for anyone who works in construction or uses saws. This original idea is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the hardware products industry. Mr. I is hoping to have Re-use Sawzall Blades in full production and available to the public within the very near future. Additional information about Re-use Sawzall Blades can be obtained by contacting the Publicity/Press Department of Invention Technologies, Inc. at (800) 940-9020 ext. 2285 or at Invention Technologies Inc. is a Coral Gables, Florida based company that is handling the publicity and public relations for Re-use Sawzall Blades.