Resident's Invention Designed to Fit Each Shopper's Needs

From sleeping on park benches to possibly being on his way to making millions, first-time inventor Joe K. certainly appears to be making quite a turnaround in his life. Armed with more than 15 years of retail experience and the support of his fiancÈe, Kelly is hoping his idea will sweep the nation and offer shoppers a more pleasurable and comfort shopping experience. The idea of an adjustable shopping cart occurred to Mr. K as he noticed that a one-size shopping cart does not in fact fit all. "I'm out on 86th street every day doing a lot of shopping and I saw a need for a cart that would adjust to people of all sizes, tall or short, big and small," said Mr. K. Since the invention is pending a manufacturer licensing agreement, Mr. K is not at liberty to discuss specifics of his shopping cart. But what he can say is that it is an invention that will certainly alleviate a lot of discomfort shoppers experience while pushing around their carts for extended periods of time.

"I noticed that tall people have to constantly hunch over, or small people have trouble pushing it, so there's definitely a need for something like this," said Mr. K. But as Mr. K. awaits a patent for his design, he has taken the opportunity to count his blessings for the inspiration and savior of his life, his fiancÈe, Deborah. After a split from his ex-wife two years ago, Mr. K. found himself in a situation he says he would never wish on his worst enemy. "I was out in the streets. I didn't have any family to turn to and not a penny in my pocket. I had to rely on people throwing a few dollars my way so that I could eat," recalls Kelly. That's when Deborah stepped in.

"We had lived on the same block so I recognized his face and was wondering why he was always in the park," she said. After welcoming Mr. K. into her home and offering food and shelter, the two developed a relationship beyond friendship and now wedding bells are in the near future. "I had absolutely nothing. If it wasn't for Deb I don't know where I'd be. Nobody could say she was with me for my money," muses Mr. K. After graduating from high school in 1985, Mr. K began his career in retail management. Along with his profession, his affinity for cooking also brings Mr. K into constant contact with shopping carts. "Cooking relaxes me," he says. So with the adjustable cart idea I mind, Mr. K noticed an advertisement on television for Invention Technologies Incorporated and contacted the group in November 2004. Since then, the company has set Mr. K. on his way, getting his invention out to manufacturers and most recently at the Chicago International Convention. Joe and Deborah are hoping the product will make its way into all the Walmarts and other major chains across the country. "I think this is really going to take off," said Mr. K.