July 2005 Articles

Need a Drink? Close that refrigerator door

Inventor: David A. I.

When you've got teenage boys in your house, you must prepare yourself for a handful of mess and lots of racket. David I. had to deal with his sons opening the refrigerator door in search of food and drinks. To solve this problem, he invented...

A Time-Saving Way to Help Sooth Fussy Babies

Inventor: Sandi M. P.

As a baby, Sandi’s oldest son would only fall asleep when riding in a car and this led her to the concept of the RIDE'N SEAT. The new invention helps soothe fussy babies without the inconvenience of having to take them out for a ride in the car, as she once had to do with her now, three-year-old son.


Inventor: Jim H.

While decorating for the holidays can be tons of fun, taking down decorations and finding storage for them is not equally as exciting. One of the holiday products less easy to store is the icicle lights, which have recently become so popular...


Inventor: Manuel G.

Manuel G. ha inventado un nuevo tipo de paÒal. SHORT STYLE DIAPERS, para niÒos y adultos, y dijo que es mejor que todos los otros paÒales que se venden ahora. Manuel espera que una compaÒia venda y promueva su producto.


Inventor: James F. S.

James S. has always been an ideas man, thinking up solutions for everyday problems. Not long ago, he took action. His idea for minimizing, or even eliminating the bacteria that is harbored in kitchen cutting boards and for decreasing cooking preparation and clean-up time has led to his invention of a commercial-grade disposable cutting board.


Inventor: Kenneth J. B.

After trying a variety of different ways to keep other dogs away while walking his dog Luna in the park, Ken B. came up with the SECURITY LEASH, and is currently working with Invention Technologies, Inc. (Invent-Tech) to market his invention to companies who may be interested in licensing and developing the product.


Inventor: Frank J. E

Resident Frank E. has developed a product called Handy Handles. The device is designed to ensure a steady grip on containers of soda, juice, coffee or milk, making it easier to pour the liquid and reducing the posibilities of spills.

Wake Up With Ease

Inventor: Fritznel M. H.

Waking up to the harsh noises of an alarm clock can be startling, not only for the user but also anyone else who is in close proximity. Unfortunately, if you have to wake up at a certain time in the morning, you have very little choice.

Former District Resident Invents Doggie Breeze

Inventor: David A. I

With the safety of dogs in vehicles in mind, former district resident Mona B. and her husband, Gene J., have developed a product called "Doggie Breeze." Mrs. B said she and her husband first started thinking about a device to allow dogs to remain secure in a vehicle while being protected from heat exhaustion about seven years ago when they were living in British Columbia.


Inventor: Cedric B.

Cedric B. knew he needed another childproofing option when he ran across the room to stop his little girl from inserting a screwdriver into the electrical outlet. "The outlet had the white cover on it, and she was able to pop it off with the screwdriver,"said Cedric about the 2003 incident.