Fritz and Karen R. run a boarding stable and grew soar at the saddle at having to replace the containers holding the salt lick blocks every two months because itch-crazed horses destroyed the old ones. "The horses would turn around and rub their butts on them, and the containers would just collapse," said Fritz. "I got to thinking and decided, 'I know how I can fix this'." That was more than two years ago, and the steel design he crafted for his own stables has proved satisfying rump-proof during extensive field tests at the family business. "What I came up with is damn near in-destructive," Fritz said proudly. He was tempted by the Invention Technologies ads, and he has hired them to gallop around the country with his idea and shop it to manufacturers. He doesn't have a runaway success on his hands yet, but is happy with the job Invention Technologies is doing and believes he will have the market "licked" one day. "If you believe in something, you've got to believe it will overcome any obstacles," Fritz said. "I know this works, and I really believe it is something that will sell. I'm excited about it."