Robert N. enjoys coaching baseball. He has created an effective new product that can solve a lot of problems that hitters encounter. He calls his invention the Cage Rage. This clever new piece of equipment prevents over swinging and helps improve concentration and hand-eye coordination. It is ideal for many different types of hitting drills and will make for a much better hitter come game time. The Cage Rage is durable and multifunctional, making it very appealing to ball players everywhere. This original idea is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the sports industry. The inventor is hoping to have the Cage Rage in full production and available to the public within the very near future. Additional information about the Cage Rage can be obtained by contacting the Publicity/Press Department of Invention Technologies, Inc. at (800) 940-9020 Ext 2285 or at Invention Technologies, Inc. is a Coral Gables, Florida based company that is handling the publicity and public relations for the Cage Rage.