Processing animal meat after hunting is not a task to be taken lightly. If neglected, the meat can spoil and cause discomfort or illnesses. Many hunters have to bust out the pelvic bone during the field dressing process, just to make sure the anal cavity is removed. Fortunately, Michael George and Rodney Boggs, residents of Middlebourne, West Virginia, have found a way around this dilemma when they invented the A.R. Tool. This product is specially created to easily remove the anal cavity out of a deer or other game. It ensures that the meat is fresh and healthy, and eliminates a tedious and time consuming task. This device is lightweight and simple to use. Additionally, if offers easy to carry features to accommodate individuals who transport hunting equipment. The A.R. Tool will soon become indispensable for hunters and slaughter houses, and with its affordable price, it is guaranteed to appeal to a wide market of consumers. This original idea is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the hunting accessories industry. Mr. George and Mr. Boggs are hoping to have the A.R. Tool in full production and available to the public within the very near future.