Scott C., with help of his wife Victoria, has invented a device to provide a safer way to light fireworks from a distance, which they call the "Remote Ignitor." "It was around Fourth of July," Scott said. "It had been rolling in my brain for quite a while. We were just watching TV on day.and some kid lost his eyesight, a firework just blew up in his face. It wasn't really a firework - it was one of those fountain cones, but to light one of those you have to almost, I mean he was literally right over it and the fuse was so short that it blew up right in his face. I figured that there must be an easier way to take care of this." Scott said he had been thinking about the problem for a long time, especially since his father was an emergency medical technician for many years. He said his father would tell him stories about kids who had lost fingers and suffered other injuries from fireworks.

Scott and Victoria said they hope to have the invention in production and available to the public soon, but right now they are working on the patent and licensing process. Victoria said her husband has a mind that is always going and always thinking of new ideas. "We've already got the next invention that's coming down the line," Scott said. "We have a lot of ideas." For those who might have an idea for an invention. Scott and Victoria said to not be afraid to try. "The worst thing is not knowing; you think you're gonna fail," Victoria. "You will fail if you don't try."