Inventor pins hopes on tool

Tired of not being able to access the hard-to-reach places in a car, local mechanic George W. has created a tool that will help save time and money when it comes to repairing cars. "It will benefit mechanics and even homeowners," Mr. W. said. "A lot of engines nowadays, you have to take a part of the top off just to get to one bolt. With my invention you won't have to do that." Mr. W, owner of Wise Auto Repair, invented what is called Wrench Heads. These tools are designed to reach places in the car that a person's hands can't normally access," Mr. W. said. "It's designed for those hard-to-reach places," Mr. W. "It will come in a set with different lengths. It looks similar to a wrench but can reach places even wrenches can't get to."

As a mechanic, Mr. W. said he is always coming up with different tools to help him do his job. Mr. W came up with the idea of Wrench Heads several years ago. "I'm like any other mechanic, always making my own tools that will help me out," Mr. W. said. "I drew up this idea and then went to check on a patent. But, it was going to be 10 to 15 grand to do on my own, so I tore up the paper and just kept the idea in my head." A year ago, however, Mr. W. discovered Invention Technologies Inc. and was able to work through the company to turn his idea into a product that can be sold in stores. "I could never have done it alone," Mr. W. said. "They have helped me throughout this whole process."

Invent-Tech helps inventors nationwide find manufactures for their products and then get them on the market, said a spokesperson for Invent-Tech. "In the past, it has been hard for people with an idea to get into the market," said Invent-Tech's spokesperson. "We are trying to make it easier." Invent-Tech will accept ideas for most almost anything that is not a novelty item or targeted at the military, said the spokesperson. Once Invent-Tech accepts the invention, it searches for a manufacturer for the product and then assist the inventor with applying for the patent. "We attend trade shows and do research on various manufacturers," the spokesperson said. "We want to make sure we find one that has a license and the capability to make that product." Invent-Tech helped come up with a name for Mr. W's product as well as a professional drawing to be passed on to a manufacturer.

"It's a hard to try and draw an idea from your head and explain it out on a piece of paper," Mr. W. said. "But they seemed to know exactly what I was talking about and drew it up professionally." Invent-Tech is looking for a manufacturer for Mr. W's project, said Invent-Tech's spokesperson. Once that happens, Invent-Tech and Mr. W. will work on obtaining a patent. "The full patent comes out after you get a manufacturer," the spokesperson. "Many times, the manufacturer will refine the design and since a patent can't be changed, we wait until everything else is taken care of." Mr. W's product should be available to the public in the near future, the spokesperson said. "I hope it gets on the market soon," Mr. W. said. "But you can't make anyone buy it, so it is just a waiting game now."