Some might call Terry B. an "idea man." Whenever he looks at a situation or a product, he is always thinking of ways to improve them. It began when he was a young man of just 16 years old, while working for a pallet company. Terry saw how many pallets go to waste, and thought there should be a way to salvage the wood from them. That is when he got the idea for his first invention. Terry took some scrap materials and created his very first "Board Puller." "I showed it to my boss," said Terry, "and he said he would like to have some of them." Years later, the "Board Puller" is still in the forefront of his mind. Terry, along with Invention Technologies, Inc. is now in the process of talking to companies to see if they are interested in manufacturing the tool. "It has a lot of uses," said Terry. "It can be used by emergency workers, charity groups, and crafts people."

Churches and charity groups could use the product to salvage wood from pallets and the wood can be turned into projects or crafts. Those items could then be sold to help support the group. "It's better than selling doughnuts on the side of the road," he said. Terry believes the possibilities for its use are endless. Terry and his friends have put the wood salvaged, using the "Board Puller" to many uses. It has been used for making craft and novelty items, a windmill, a picnic table and even a front porch. Some other items that can be made from the salvaged wood include frames, a bar, cabinets, a patio and birdhouses. Best of all, most of the materials are free. Many companies freely give away pallets after they have been unloaded. However, until now, there was not an easy and inexpensive way to disassemble the pallets without breaking the boards.

Terry not only hopes his invention will be a financial success for him and his wife Vickie, he hopes it will be an inspiration to others as well. "Even if a person can't read or write," said Terry, speaking from experience, "he can still do something with his hands. As Terry keeps working with his hands, he keeps on hoping as well. Terry is seeking to make his dream of putting the "Board Puller" into the hands of anyone who can use one, a reality.