Nick Q. has one invention ready to hit the market and another on the drawing board. "I'm just an average guy," said 26-year-old Nick. "If you have a dream, I want people to know - pursue it. Anyone can do anything." Nick's first invention, the PNEUMATIC CORNER BEAD NAILER, is in the hands of Invent-Tech. "We have already been to several tradeshows," Nick said. "We are working up the manufacturers' packet right now. We are working on a color brochure and video. We should be ready to mail these out in two or three months." The idea came to Nick about six years ago, when he was building his own home. Corner beads join sheet-rock at 90 degree angles. "There are about 400 feet of them in this house and this is a small house," Nick said. Installing each 10-foot strip can take 30 minutes or more. "It takes about eight to 10 hours in a typical house," Nick said. "With this gun, a man can do the entire job in an hour and a half. It will save a lot of time and money."

Not only does the device save time, it also overcomes many problems inherent in the current methods of installing corner beads, which can warp or damage the sheet rock. He has designed two models, one pneumatic and one battery-operated. He said Invention Technologies is excited about his idea. He said he believes the return could be enormous. "Corner beads are used in every residential home, in every commercial building. This touches just about every building that goes up," Nick said.