Frustration with gardening this spring spurred couple to invent a product to speed up the process.

"I have a rock garden in the front of my house," said Garry M. "This spring, after all the snow melted, there were rocks in all of our plants." After he and his wife spent more than half a day removing rocks and mulch from around their mums, they decided to think of a way to never have to complete the chore again. Now they are seeking a manufacturer for the resulting invention, the Rock & Mulch Guard. "I told my wife 'there's got to be an easier way,'" Garry said. "With this, you'll never have to spend half a day getting rocks out of the mud again." The Rock & Mulch Guard keeps the base of the plants free from mulch and rocks, eliminating the need for manual removal, he said.

The invention also collects rainwater and fertilizer, sending them straight to the roots and allowing for increased growth. Because they haven't found a manufacturer yet, no pictures of Garry and his wife's invention were available. "You can use it in a regular vegetable garden or a rock garden," Gary said. "Whenever you plant a plant, you can use it." He said he's currently using the invention on one of his mum plants and that plant is five times larger than the others. "People do compliment our yard," Jane M. said. "We just don't say much about how the plants are growing faster." Through publicity by Invention Technologies Inc., the couple said they hope to license a manufacturer soon and be in full production in the near future. "When we have a manufacturer secured, we'll have more details," he said.