November 2005 Articles

Invention Cleans Air While Repairs Done

Invented by: Franck B.

An electrician recently invented a method to clear the air during repair work in homes and factories.Frank likes to sketch ideas for inventions when he’s between jobs.“I invented several other tool designs,” said Frank, “real Rube Goldberg-like designs. And then I’d go to Home Depot and see the same idea there, but much simpler.”

Necessity is Mother of Wheelbarrow Invention

Invented by: William E.

In construction and landscaping, the use of a wheelbarrow is usually always necessary, whether for hauling mulch, dirt or plants, or even mixing cement.

Local Inventor Has New Product

Invented by: Mario Y.

When microwaving items, keeping food such as lettuce and tomatoes cold is virtually impossible. Because of this, Mario has invented a new device with the intent of solving this problem.

Inventor Sees Market in Thrifty Puffers Device is designed to let smokers salvage butted cigarettes

Invented by: Jason F.

You might think a device called Butt Out would help you quit cigarette smoking.But no, the invention may likely help puffers perpetuate their habit, because it’s aimed at reducing their cigarette expenses.


Invented by: Randall R.

Randall R.s has invented a practical invention guaranteed to save any user money by offering a safe alternative when conserving energy.


Invented by: Randall R.

The only information available is that it is called NATURE’S LITTLE HELPER and it cleverly turns household sources into free electricity. Randall is keeping a lid on details of how his invention works because it is now in the process of being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development.

The Donald

Invented by: Donald E.

Donald has developed a product called The Donald. The device is designed to hold up to eight pens and pencils and can be produced in various colors.

Woman’s idea pushed by Invent-Tech

Invented by: Janice S.

Janice S. has developed an idea for a feminine hygiene product that is being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development.