Local inventor awaits marketing debut

When it's a fishing weekend for Mark C., he's up before the sun's rays pink the sky to announce the coming of its light rays. The fisherman is attempting to hitch his boat trailer to his car and finds it a tedious process. He's in the car backing-up. He's out of the car looking at how close he's come to lining-up vehicle hitch with trailer hitch. He's in the car and out of the car several times.
Mark is like more than 17 million others who have to line up precisely the two hitches in order to lock them.
"There has to be a better way," says the engineer.
After this thought and the fishing trip, he's in his garage planning and working on a device to make the hitching process easier.
Just like Thomas Edison before him, Mark has the inspiration and spends hours perspiring to perfect his invention.
After developing the Trailer Guide, Mark does a little research, finding out how many people own recreational trailers and then he seeks out Invention Technologies, Inc.
Invent Tech's new product director listens to the fisherman's idea and likes what he hears. Further talks take place, which cover the company services as a go-between between inventor and manufacturer.
The Florida company is in the process of searching for a manufacturer in the trailer accessories industry to license and make Mark's Trailer Guide.
Within a year's time, Mark will know if his invention will be in ready to for every garage and business that has a trailer. It may be next year's Father's Day IN gift.
Have an invention worth putting on the market? Contact Invent-Tech at 800-940-9020 or write to products@invent-tech.com.