D’s Jelly-Jam Pot Available For Licensing

What is D’s Jelly-Jam Pot you ask? Well, truth be told I really have no idea and its inventor, Darla Y. hasn’t even made one yet. But, according to Darla, “I’ve been making jams and jellies my whole life and I know it’s going to work.”
I was under the impression that jams and jellies somehow miraculously appeared on my grocer’s shelves. But, of course, big companies do, in fact, make them. And regular folks make them as well—Darla being one of them. As I understand it, there are three basic steps that involve three different containers. The container that you make the stuff in. The container that you transfer it to. And the container that ends up in your cupboard.
Enter Darla and her invention. Quoting from the press release prepared by Invent-Tech, the outfit in Coral Gables, Florida that is working with Darla, “D’s Jelly-Jam Pot allows users to pour freshly-made jelly or jam directly into a jar rather than have to pour it into another container beforehand. This product is a time-saver and offers convenience like no other on today’s market.”
There you have it. An invention that saves time by saving a step (and a container) in the jam and jelly making process. Back to the press release,” Easy to use and affordably priced, D’s Jelly-Jam Pot is sure to be well-received by a wide market of consumers. It can be sold at or made available through kitchen products stores, department stores, retail supercenters, specialty stores and catalogs, the Internet and other locations that sell kitchen products.”
So here is a can’t-miss idea in search of a manufacturer and marketer. Interested parties should contact Invent-Tech at 800-940-9020 ext. 2285 or e-mail them at products@invent-tech.com.