August 2006 Articles

Dribble Plate invented by local resident

Invented by: Pat A.

The Dribble Plate, conceived by Pat A., is a breakthrough new dinner plate designed to prevent messes and stains on tables due to being toppled over. Its innovative features help the elderly as well as individuals with certain disabilities eat tidily and more comfortably than ever before.
The Dribble Plate is simple in structure, elegant and affordably priced to appeal to a wide market of consumers. It can be sold at or made available through household product stores, department stores, drugstores, supermarkets, retail supercenters, specialty stores, specialty catalogs and the Internet.


Inventor creates shield to assist with oil changes

Invented by: Norman J.

Norm J. has a new invention which assists in removing the engine oil plug to remove motor oil and foreign materials from the oil pan.
His Protecto Oil Shield increases the operating life of engines, making it a great product for automobiles, trucks, tractors, pickups and heavy equipment.


New product extinguishes fires more effectively

Invented by: Freddy M.

Forest fires are devastating and usually end up causing widespread damage to homes and wildlife. The Anti Fire Bomb is designed to help save property, trees and animals. The inventor, Freddy M. believes it works more effectively than conventional methods. This device is ideal for parks and fire departments worldwide and can potentially save governments thousands, if not millions of dollars.


Invention by local veteran

Invented by: Miranda & Annie S.

Miranda S., along with her mother, Annie S, invented a device called The Female Med Stick. Her invention is geared for the medical community. Like other inventors, Miranda sought to invent the device because of her personal experience with issues concerning her health. The details of their invention are limited because the original idea is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development.


Inventors roll dice with product development companies

Invented by: Duane C.

Married with two young adult daughters, Duane C. heard repeated laments of the difficulty of providing urine samples in the little cups at the doctor's office. So, he designed a one-piece sanitary cup holder that removes any element of chance. "At the time, my youngest daughter was applying to be a corrections officer and she was griping how hard it was (to give the required sample)," Duane said Thursday at his home. "I've heard that for years and years and years. I figured there had to be a better way."


Former resident has new invention

Invented by: Beverly J.

The B J Protector has been invented by Beverly J. and is specially designed for those annoying occasions when a change of clothes is required after styling one’s hair or applying make-up. This innovative new accessory is useful in that it prevents make-up and hair styling products from permanently damaging a shirt or blouse.
Portable, easy to use and affordably priced, the B J Protector is sure to appeal to a wide market of consumers. It can be sold at or made available through beauty supplies retailers, department stores, retail supercenters, drugstores, supermarkets, specialty catalogs, the Internet and other locations that sell beauty supplies.