Invent-Tech’s Mission…

Invent-Tech represents individual inventors who have a great idea, but typically lack the resources, experience or market connections needed to turn that idea into a profitable product on their own.
Our staff of talented professionals and powerful range of services help to fine-tune an invention and present it to top companies worldwide in its most professional format. We create controlled and targeted exposure opportunities for your new idea, building awareness and demand with the media, manufacturers, distributors, marketing companies and the buying public. Invent-Tech bridges the gap between an inventor’s mind and the marketplace. 

Unsurpassed Trade Show Presence

Invent-Tech’s annual trade show schedule includes a diverse variety of national and international trade show events each year. Our trade show exhibit features a large, impressive multi-space booth utilizing the latest in communications technology, including our Invention DataVault. Proven as one of the most effective ways to introduce a new product, trade show events are ideal for cultivating relationships within the industry. Unfortunately, ever climbing travel expenses and the high costs of exhibiting are usually too expensive for most inventors to be able to participate. Additionally, trade shows are frequently industry-only events, not often open to the public.
Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to reach key decision makers – a forum that simply does not exist outside of the event floor. This invaluable avenue of product promotion is all but closed to the individual inventor without Invent-Tech's unsurpassed trade show representation.

Unparalleled Inventor Assistance Services

Inventors choosing Invent-Tech to represent their new product ideas benefit from our years of experience and specialization in the field of new product development as well as gaining access to our extensive media and manufacturer contacts from around the globe. We understand and share the pride our clients feel toward their inventions. We ensure that inventors are always fully involved in the development process of their invention. We work with every inventor, each step of the way, to ensure that their unique idea is represented to its fullest potential. Read what Invent-Tech inventors have to say about us here.
Most new inventors can easily feel overwhelmed when considering all of the possibilities involved in the pursuit of a new product idea. Invent-Tech puts our talent team of professionals to work to eliminate the traditional hassles and headaches faced by independent inventors.