Shot Show 2006

February 9-12 2006
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Tradeshow (SHOT) 
is the worldwide annual gathering that unites manufacturer and retailer and all other industry stakeholders to trade, source and learn about the latest products, innovations and trends in the shooting sports industry. At SHOT a united group of professionals conduct business which is their sport, their livelihood, their hobby and their passion.  For four days business relationships are developed, friendships are formed, deals are made and a way of life is shared.
More than 37,000 industry professionals will rendezvous in Las Vegas this February.

How can your invention benefit from Trade Show exposure?

Trade shows are one of the most vital elements in the invention-marketing machine, and as such, they play a crucial role in the promotional campaign for any invention that we represent. These events, ranging anywhere from 2 to 4 days in length on the average, are usually filled with the excitement of business being accomplished and new products being promoted. Exhibiting companies are there to take advantage of the opportunity to display their inventory, solidify established contacts, and forge new partnerships with retailers and distributors. Attendees meanwhile, come from all walks of industry and many represent firms such as direct response television companies that are looking for a very diverse compilation of new product ideas.

What Role Does Invent-Tech Play In The Trade Show Industry?

What role does Invent-Tech play in the trade shows that we attend, and how do we use these venues effectively to represent our inventors'product ideas? At each show, Invent-Tech exhibits in a prominent and impressive booth that provides visitors an immediate visual overview of who we are, what we are promoting, and what kind of companies we are looking to explore opportunities with. As we interact with those who approach our booth, we make it immediately clear that we have a database full of inventions and have a variety of ways in which we can share those that may be relevant to their companies' needs. The overwhelming majority of the time, due to the enormity of some shows and so little time to see them in, interested parties prefer to leave their business cards and contact information with us so that we may follow up after the event with preliminary materials on different inventions from our roster.

Additionally, Invent-Tech always has at least one staff member on the event floor making the rounds and speaking with the different exhibitors. This is also a vital part of the trade show process, as we get the opportunity to see first-hand what kind of product lines the company may carry, as well as to obtain the name of, and perhaps even meet, the individual in charge of new product development. We are then able to gather inventions from our database that constitute a good match for the company and present them at a later date.

In order to maximize the trade show experience and have it reflect the immense diversity of our invention roster, Invent-Tech attempts to attend as wide a range of exhibitions as possible.

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